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Case Study Report/SITHIND301 Work effectively in the hospitality service

Case Study Report/SITHIND301 Work effectively in the hospitality service
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Part 1.
Manage Operation Plan
1. Develop Operation plan
2. Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition
3. Monitor and Review Operation Performance
(Task 1)
? Your assessment must be typed in Arial font size 12 only.
? You must provide your completed assessment in one document with an AIPE cover page.
(Included in this assessment tool on page 2).
? You are required to professionally format your document including spell-check and indicate each Task answer [e.g. Task 1 (a.) then the answer, Task 1 (b.) then the answer etc.] according to this Assessment Tool Task requirement. You may lose marks if you have not spell-checked your document (as this is a professional formatting requirement, a business skill).
? Whenever conducting a Presentation, you must always provide copies of MS PowerPoint slides as evidence for your Trainer/Assessor.
? Be sure to properly reference your sources of information using the APA referencing system.
For more information go to:
1. Student Handbook – latest version
2. AIPE Connect online resources; or
3. Ask your Trainer/Assessor to provide you with this information
In order to determine if you are addressing this assessment adequately in terms of competency/ comprehension (prior to due date) a draft copy of your assessment should be discussed during class time in consultation with your Trainer/Assessor. For this feedback/support from your Trainer/Assessor, you will need to bring to class your “draft copy” with any evidence of the research you have conducted to produce the assessment.
AIPE accommodates students with reasonable adjustments to training and assessment. This could include variations in course delivery or assessment methodology and it is the responsibility of Trainers/Assessors to coordinate this in consultation with the Academic/Compliance Coordinator or Trainer Coordinator. When making reasonable adjustments to assessments and assessment processes, assessors need to focus particularly upon validity and fairness. If you feel you have special needs that require your Trainer/Assessor to apply a reasonable adjustment, please discuss this with your Trainer/Assessor at the beginning of the subject.
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
Part One: Case Study Report
Element Covered in this Assessment:
BSBMGT515A. Manage Operation Plan
1. Develop Operation plan
2. Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition
3. Monitor and Review Operation Performance
(Task 1)
SITHIND301 Work effectively in the hospitality service
1. Prepare for Service
2. Provide service
3. Complete Operational Tasks
4. Complete end of shift duties
(Task 2)
Thala beach nature reserve is a Port Douglas resort located on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas offering a selection of unique accommodation options.
http://www.thalabeach.com.au/ .
The resort has achieved the highest level of Advanced Eco Certification. Unique and Complementary On site tours and experiences are available.
Ospreys Restaurant is a world class restaurant with breath taking views over the Coral Sea and Rainforest Mountains surrounding Thala Nature Reserve.

Osprey’s Port Douglas Restaurant

Thala, also caters to the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Meetings, and Events). Thala management feels it can grow this market .Particularly, with Weddings and Events.


Task One: Scenario
The Managing Director of Thala Beach resort has asked you to develop an operation plan to review employee’s job descriptions for each department.
You will need to decide the resources and employee’s you need, as well as time to achieve updating the plan.
The organization does this process every 2 years to ensure employees work efficiently, safely and work in such a way that motivates them, as well as having the correct amount of workers to ensure excellent customer service. When reviewing the job description for each department, information the team looks for
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
is the standard operating procedure for each position, and revise if needed. This is in liaising with each department head. This process averages between 60-90 mins for each position.
Conduct this assessment by putting each question as a heading.
The word limit should be 1500 words (10% + -).
Ensure you submit your assessment with a coversheet/title page and is referenced using APA.
Use hospitality job descriptions from internet research and wage prices.
Standard operating procedures need to be prepared for the following positions.
Senior Management positions will be done by the Managing Director.
Positions that will need to be reviewed are:
Senior Management
(These positions are done by the General Manager). You can choose some of these people for your planning team, noting, you will have to replace the time you have them in your team with their reliefs or second in charge.
? Restaurant Manager
? Events Manager
? Facilities Manger
? Housekeeping Manager
? Marketing /Sales Manager
? Finance Manager
Restaurant and Event Department
? Head Chef
? Sous Chef
? A Grade Cook
? 4th year apprentice Chef
? 3rd year apprentice chef
? 2nd year apprentice chef
? 1st year apprentice chef
? Kitchen hand
? Maître D
? Sommelier
? Waitperson
? Barperson /Barista
? Cashier
? Cleaner
? Event Co-ordinator
? Event assistant.
? Tour guide
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
Marketing and Sales Team
? Reservations Manager
? Reservations assistant
? Marketing assistant tour guides
? Sales assistant
House Keeping
? Housekeeping supervisor.
? Housekeeping attendant.
? Cleaner
Facilities Department
? Gardener
? Maintenance officer
? Security
Management Office
? Secretary
? Payroll officer
? Hr. officer
? Finance officer
Your operational plan must include information on and address all of the following:
Section 1 Develop Operation plan
1. A) Research and explain the resources you will need for your plan.
In your answer to this task be sure to include information about all of the following:
? how many people
? cost (such as employees for your team and the cost of the department to replace them)
? what type of office equipment is required
? Is there a need for/use of a temporary office or use of one after work?
B) Explain how you will consult/communicate your operational plan to the relevant departments. In your answer be sure to give reasons WHY you would consult/communicate using these methods.
C) Identify and describe the KPIS you would use for the operational plan, and for the job descriptions over a 2 year period? Be sure to give reasons WHY you would use these KPI’s in your answers.
D) What contingency plans would you have at different stages of the operational planning?
I. Using a risk management approach:
1. Define the risks posed to the projects/ actions outlined in the operational plan – what might happen? Why?
2. Define the scope of each risk posed – how bad would it be for the project and the organisation if this risk eventuated? Why?
3. Define the likelihood that each risk will eventuate – what is the potential for each of the risks to happen? Why?
4. Use a matrix scoring system to rank the seriousness of each risk – given the combination of severity and likelihood, which risks pose the greatest threat
5. Formulate your response.
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
E) Proposals for resource requirements may outline alternatives to the project under consideration. Why?
F) Explain what the acronym SMART stands for. In your answer, be sure to identify and explain why it is important for objectives and targets to be designed with this in mind (Keeping in mind teams and employers in your answer)?
Section 2 Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition
2. A) Describe how you would plan with the management office (who runs the HR function of the resort- HR Officer a payroll) to acquire your team members in detail.
B) Describe how you would ensure that physical resources and services are acquired as per workplace policies, practices and procedures?
C) In your recruitment and acquisition of resources and services, list and explain the necessary requirements for intellectual property rights.
Section 3: Monitor and Review Operation Performance
3. A) Describe a mechanism for ensuring that your operational plan activities are proceeding according to plan. In your answer be sure to describe HOW it ensures the activities are proceeding according to plan.
B.)List and describe (in detail) 3 types of financial reports that can be used to track progress and monitor performance of your plan.
C) What is gap analysis and how can it help you with your plan?
D) Describe different types of mentoring in detail.
E) As a Team Leader, when negotiating variations to your operational plan, discuss the role of performance monitoring and its importance.
F) When documenting performance, outline and describe at least three items organisational policies need to cover in detail.
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
Part One: Marking Guide
Student Name :
Student ID Number:
Assessor Name:
Units of competency (Title & Code):
BSBMGT515A. Manage Operation Plan
1. Develop Operation plan
2. Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition
3. Monitor and Review Operation Performance Date of Assessment:
The student has provided evidence that they have:
Student Score
1.A) Research, analyze and document resource requirements and develop an operational plan in consultation with relevant personnel, colleagues and specialist resource managers
1.B) 2 Develop and/or implement consultation processes as an integral part of the operational planning process
1.C) 3 Ensure the operational plan includes key performance indicators to measure organizational performance
1.D) Develop and implement contingency plans for the operational plan
1E) Ensure the development and presentation of proposals for resource requirements is supported by a variety of information sources and seek specialist advice as required
1F) Obtain approval for the plan from relevant parties and explain the plan to relevant work teams
2A) Develop and implement strategies to ensure that employees are recruited and/or inducted within the organization’s human resources management policies, practices and procedures
2B) Develop and implement strategies to ensure that physical resources and services are acquired in accordance with the organization’s policies, practices and procedures
2C) Recognise and incorporate requirements for intellectual property rights and responsibilities in recruitment and acquisition of resources and services
3A) Develop, monitor and review performance systems and processes to assess progress in achieving profit and productivity plans and targets
3B) Analyze and interpret budget and actual financial information to monitor and review profit and productivity performance
3C) Identify areas of under-performance, recommend solutions and take prompt action to rectify the situation
3D) Plan and implement systems to ensure that mentoring and coaching are provided to support individuals and teams to effectively, economically and safely use resources
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
3E)Negotiate recommendations for variations to operational plans and gain approval from designated persons/groups
3F)Develop and implement systems to ensure that procedures and records associated with documenting performance are managed in accordance with organizational requirements
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
Part Two: Report
Section 1. Prepare for Service
TIP: The best way to address this task is to put the task and section headings, than answer questions.
A) You work as a part of the waiting team in Osprey’s restaurant. The Chef informs you that too much soup has been prepared .The restaurant needs to sell its supply of oysters to allow for the fact that the restaurant will be shut for the next 2 days. The Chef wants service staff to focus on selling the soup and oysters to the customers. There are 40 serves of soup and 18 serve of oysters available.
The Chef has set the waiting team a goal of selling soup to at least half the customers on each table.
According to the restaurant booking sheets are:
? Two tables of 2 people
? Five tables of 4 people
? One table of 8 people
? Three tables of 10 people
Using workplace or internet information you have available to you list the minimum and maximum number of soup spoons and oyster spoons and forks you would need to have polished and be assessable to the restaurants attendant station.
B) You are organizing the table linen, cutlery, crockery, and glassware for a function at Ospreys. According to the running sheet there will be 15 tables with 10 covers on each table. Tables must be set with a linen tablecloth and an overlay. Linen napkins will be placed on the tables .The set menu includes:
? Chicken and leek soup with bread rolls
? Smoked salmon roulade for entrée
? Roast lamb for main course
? Sticky date pudding.
Champagne is to be served on arrival .Water is to be served with meals and to be topped up throughout the service. White wine is to be served with the entrée. Red wine is to be served with the main meal. Dessert wine is to be served with dessert. Coffee and tea served after dessert.
Each attendant is required to wear a starch linen napkin over there arm. Ten attendants have rostered to work this function.
Using the chart below, identify the amount of following items needed. Identify whether the items should be placed on the table or attendant stations.
Cruets (A small container holding salt, pepper, vinegar and oil).
Entrée knives
Entre forks
Side plates
Old fashioned glasses( water)
White wine glasses
Dessert glasses
Butter plates
Coffee cups and sauces
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
C) Susan is the restaurant manager at Ospreys. She is working with seven food and beverage attendants
Two hours before service Susan tells her staff she needs:
a. Two hundred napkins folded
b. Two Hundred glasses polished
c. Sixty plates of butter organized with four serves per plate
– Service is about to start. Susan asks the attendants to put the butter on the table. They stare back at her blankly. She says “Emma where’s the butter?” Emma replies “I don’t know. Jessica Zak and I got the glasses ready.” John another attendant says “So did Mukesh, Chen, Mika and I.” Susan looks up at the two attendant stations and notices that each station is stocked with 200 beautifully polished glasses but there is no butter on plates.
List and explain 4 actions Susan could have taken to avoid this dilemma.
D) I) You are in charge of setting up for a function at Osprey restaurant. She needs to ensure the tasks are completed. List the tasks in the order in which they should be done by placing a number in the box.
Polish the glassware and place on table
Place tablecloths on table
Polish the cutlery and place on tables
Arrange the tables
Get the linen
Move the tables into the function room
ii) Susan has the following staff for a function.
Waiter. Tends to rely on others when working in a team situation.
Waiter. Works hard in groups and as an individual, but, it yet to be familiar with the correct way to set a table.
Food and beverage attendant. Enjoys assisting junior staff to learn.
Food and beverage attendant. Will talk rather than work when paired with Sally. She has a bad back.
Food and beverage attendant. Will talk rather than work when paired with Wendy.
Sommelier. The tasks that you require to be completed are listed Will talk rather than work when paired with Sally.
Maître d
The tasks that you require to be completed are listed. Decide which people or person would be best suited to the task. Note: You will be supervising, so do not allocate any duties to yourself. Record your responses in the table
No. of people
Person or people responsible
Move the tables from the store room to the function room
30 min
Arrange the tables
15 min
Identify appropriate cutlery for the exotic function menu
5 min
Set tables
15 min
Polish Cutlery
40 min
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
Fold napkins
10 min
Polishing glassware
45 min
iii) Indicate what each person will be doing at each stage of preparation. Preparation commences at 15:00.
E) You are working at one of the function rooms in Ospreys’. You are in charge of the food attendants. They will be serving finger food throughout the evening. The chefs will be preparing the food but your staff will be in charge of plating up the food items and serving appropriate condiments.
These items are on the menu:
– Fish goujons (small strips of fish coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried)
– Sushi and Sashimi
– Mini quiches
– Mini beef pies
List the type of equipment and supplies your attendants will need to organize. You can visit a restaurant and find out what equipment is used for each dish, or research on the internet.
Section 2. Provide service
Following on from the case study scenario in part 1, the first position your team has chosen to review is a waitperson, from restaurant/events department. You are to write Standard Operating Procedures for a waitperson at lunch time at Osprey’s restaurant using the following menu, OR please refer to Appendix A (separate PDF document with Assessment One).
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015
The standard operating procedure that you develop should include:
2A) How to greet a customer when arriving at the restaurant, as well as how to serve and take orders, and suggested timings of these tasks. .How to waitperson have to present themselves.
2B) Choose one main meal and one dessert from the menu, to become the daily lunch specials. Write a script of how the waitperson will proactively promote these 2 dishes to the customers. As well as, how to upsell items (such as high percentage foods such as extras and desserts), and cross selling items (such as wine).
2C) the menu has gluten free, (GF,) vegetarian (VG), Vegan (V) and Diabetic items (D). Explain to the waitperson what these are, and which items on the menu that need to be explained to these customers.
2D) Include in detail how the waitperson is to handle complaints, and deal with conflict, by being empowered, and using appropriate communication techniques.
Section 3: Complete Operational Tasks
Continuing on from the previous case study (writing a SOP for a waiter working in Osprey’s), you are to:
3A) Write why it is important to follow work schedules and work co-operatively and efficiently as a team.
3B) List and explain 3 workplace safety and 3 hygiene procedures that should be followed at Ospreys.
3C) List and explain 3 procedures to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the work area at Ospreys.
3D) Choose 1 piece of technology that would be critical for front of house operations at Osprey’s, and write a procedure for it.
3E) Identify 2 operational problems that could occur at Ospreys, and anticipate 2 solutions in order to minimize the effect on customer satisfaction.
Section 4: Complete End of Shift Duties
4A) List 3 ways you could clear, clean or dismantle your work area in an environmentally sound manner. Also, explain why this is important to have a procedure for and consequences if it is not done.
4B) Select 3 types of administration reports that might need to be completed by staff working at Ospreys. Describe the type of information which should be include in each record and explain why it is necessary to collect this information.
4c) after reviewing and evaluating service levels staff have determined that meals are prepared out of order. Some customers wait for up 1 hour for their meals .While recent arrivals eat within 10 minutes. What could account for this problem? How could it be addressed?
4D) Ospreys offers a lunch time special of a Barramundi Baked in Paper Bark, for its lunch time special. Lunch time sales have been low. Provide 2 likely reasons.
Version 1.0 HY02 Assessment One July 2015

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