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Assessment Task 1

Assessment Task 1
Individual Business Case
Length:        1,100 words
This assessment task assists students to develop the following skills:
•    Know the nature of projects and project management
•    Be able to identify the objectives, scope and constraints of a project
•    Understand some of the human resource management aspects of project management
•    Understand the techniques of time and cost estimation in the project planning environment
•    Understand how to conduct time/cost trade-offs
•    Comprehend the abilities of projects to deliver strategic objectives through the implementation of change.
•    Develop the basics of a project management information system and design reporting formats for different levels of management
•    Assess the risks and uncertainties involved in projects, and develop project plans and techniques which address efficiency and effectiveness criteria
•    Understand the difference between managing through hierarchies and managing through projects
Task Overview
Students are to develop a short business case, identifying a need for change within a business, and develop the components required to “sell” the project, including any resources, (e.g. IT System), to deliver the proposed change, to senior management in    your    business.
Part of this assignment is to develop a business case format. The business case should contain details of the project background, objectives, current situation, problem/opportunity statement, critical assumptions and constraints, analysis of options and recommendations, preliminary project requirements, budget estimate and financial analysis, schedule estimate, and potential risks.
The project business case should be presented in the appropriate report format and include referencing in the APA style as appropriate.
Assessment criteria:
•    Report content and structure;
•    Quality of business case;
•    Quality and accuracy of financial analysis;
•    In-text references and reference list; and
•    Overall Presentation
PM 902 Business Case (Small)
Template & Guide
This guide is intended to be read in conjunction with the following template for the development of a Business Case for a small project.  As such the Guide should be removed from the front of the final document.
Another template for the development of a business case for a larger, more complex project (PM 002 Business Case) has also been developed.
The templates are being continuously improved, and feedback on suggested improvements to this template are appreciated by contacting Project Services at PMInfo@dpac.tas.gov.au.
This material has been prepared for use by Tasmanian Government agencies and Instrumentalities.   It follows that this material should not be relied upon by any other person.   Furthermore to the extent that ‘this material is relied upon’, the Crown in Right of the State of Tasmania gives no warranty as to the accuracy or correctness of the material or for any advice given or for omissions from the material.   Users rely on the material at their own risk.
Version 1.D (1 November 2003)
What is a Business Case?
The Business Case is a one-off, start-up document used by senior management to assess the justification of a proposed project, or to assess the options for a project that has already received funding.  If approved, it confirms senior management support and/or resourcing for a recommended course of action (option).
Why would you develop a Business Case?
A Business Case is developed to:
•    gain approval to proceed with a project;
•    obtain resourcing for a project through internal departmental processes; or
•    where resourcing is already available, to document what the project will accomplish for the funding and how (gain agreement on the project scope).
The document enables those approving the resources to analyse the rationale for the project by assessing the economics and impact of the project and comparing these against other factors, such as the major risks and the prevailing political environment.
Where an Agency, Division or Business Unit has a number of project initiatives, the Business Case can be used as a tool to prioritise the various initiatives.
When would you develop a Business Case?
Approval to develop a Business Case is usually obtained from the Project Sponsor or Proposer. This may be as a result of acceptance or approval of a preceding stage such as a Corporate Plan for a Department or a Business Plan for a Business Unit.  The Business Case expands the proposals developed in these documents in order to:
•    obtain approval for resourcing for the preferred option;
•    attain agreement on the scope of the project; and
•    gain authorisation to proceed to the next step of the project (usually the Project Business Plan).
Alternately, direction may be given by the proposer of a project to proceed directly to the development of a Project Business Plan. This may cause problems if the scope has not been agreed or if there has been no assessment whether the resources are sufficient for the scope.
What you need before you start:
•    Agreement to proceed with the development of the Business Case from the Project Sponsor or Proposer.
•    Agreement establishing the scope of the Business Case (usually verbal or a short note).
•    Knowledge and understanding of the development of a Business Case, as outlined in the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines.
•    Any of the following documents – Project Proposal, Strategic Information Systems Plan, Process Review Report or Feasibility study .
•    Knowledge and understanding of performing an economic assessment on the option(s), for example by preparing a Benefit/Cost/Risk Analysis .
•    Corporate/Business Plan for the Department/Business Unit.
•    Departmental Project Initiation Guidelines.
What you will have when you are finished:
A completed Business Case that is ready for acceptance by the Project Sponsor or Project Steering Committee through internal departmental processes or the Budget Committee process.
How to use this template?
The template contains sections which are either optional or can be developed at a number of levels of detail depending upon individual need.  Sections that are not required may be deleted, indicate that the section is not applicable or refer to another document.
All documents developed based on this template should include an appropriate acknowledgement.
A number of different text styles have been used within the template, as follows:
•    Text in italics is intended to provide a guide as to the kind of information that can be included in a section and to what types of projects it might be applicable.
•    Text in normal font is intended as examples.
•    Text enclosed in is intended to be replaced by whatever it is describing.
<br /> Business Case<br /> Organisational Unit<br /> DEPARTMENT OF …<br /> Version 0.A (dd mmm yyyy)<br /> DOCUMENT ACCEPTANCE and RELEASE NOTICE<br /> This is <release/version> <n.n> of the <Title> Business Case.<br /> The Business Case is a managed document.  For identification of amendments each page contains a release number and a page number.  Changes will only be issued as a complete replacement document.  Recipients should remove superseded versions from circulation.  This document is authorised for release once all signatures have been obtained.<br /> PREPARED:    DATE:___/___/___<br /> (for acceptance)    (<name>, Responsible Officer)<br /> ACCEPTED:    DATE:___/___/___<br /> (for release)    (<name, title>, Business Case Sponsor)<br /> This document has been derived from a template prepared by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Tasmania. The structure is based on a number of methodologies as described in the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines.<br /> For further details, refer to http://www.projectmanagement.tas.gov.au.<br /> Table of Contents<br /> 1.    Introduction/Background    1<br /> 2.    Overview    1<br /> 2.1.    Vision    1<br /> 2.2.    Organisational Objective    1<br /> 3.    The Business Case    1<br /> 3.1.    Purpose of the Business Case    1<br /> 3.2.    Business Case Sponsor    1<br /> 4.    Situational Assessment and Problem Statement    1<br /> 5.    Assumptions and Constraints    2<br /> 6.    Identification and Analysis of Options    2<br /> 6.1.    Identification of Options    2<br /> 6.2.    Comparison of Options    3<br /> 6.3.    Recommended Option    3<br /> 7.    Implementation Strategy    4<br /> 7.1.    Project Title    4<br /> 7.2.    Target Outcomes/Benefits    4<br /> 7.3.    Outputs    4<br /> 7.4.    Work Plan    4<br /> 7.5.    Budget    4<br /> 7.6.    Other Resources    4<br /> 8.    Project Management Framework    4<br /> 8.1.    Governance    4<br /> 8.2.    Quality Management    5<br /> 8.3.    Organisational Change Management    5<br /> 9.    Appendices    5<br /> Appendix A. Benefit Analysis    6<br /> Appendix B. Risk Analysis    8<br /> 1.    Introduction/Background<br /> This is used to introduce the business problem, briefly describe what has happened in the past to address the problem, and what the current status is at the time of writing the Business Case.  In other words, set the scene for the rationale or reason(s) for developing the Business Case at this particular time?<br /> 2.    Overview<br /> 2.1.    Vision<br /> What is the goal of the project, what is it expected to deliver? A high level description of the objective(s) of the recommended option contained in this Business Case (a one liner).<br /> 2.2.    Organisational Objective<br /> All projects should relate to and produce results that relate to a pre-defined organisational goal(s). This should be included here. The relationship between this initiative and the Corporate/Strategic plan should be described. The Relationship to the implementation of the Tasmania Together benchmarks should also be described.<br /> 3.    The Business Case<br /> 3.1.    Purpose of the Business Case<br /> Why is the Business Case being produced?<br /> Generally it is to:<br /> •    define the business need or problem in detail,<br /> •    analyse options (where resources have already been allocated this may involve determining what can be delivered with those resources),<br /> •    identify costs, benefits and risks, and<br /> •    to put forward a proposal to senior management for approval to proceed with the project, or to the funding source for approval for funding for the project.<br /> 3.2.    Business Case Sponsor<br /> Who is sponsoring the development of the Business Case?<br /> 4.    Situational Assessment and Problem Statement<br /> This section should clearly establish the benefit to the organisation for proceeding with the proposed project.  It should contain:<br /> •    a description of the relevant environmental conditions;<br /> •    an assessment of how the business needs are currently being met or not met;<br /> •    an analysis of the gap between the current situation and the stated objective(s).<br /> 5.    Assumptions and Constraints<br /> It is essential that assumptions made during the planning process are recognised and recorded.<br /> Any requirements for specialist resources or skills should be identified and any dependencies that exist with other projects or initiatives.<br /> Do not create any if you can’t identify any!!<br /> 6.    Identification and Analysis of Options<br /> This is a high level analysis of the possible alternatives that could be employed to bridge the gap between the current situation and what is proposed, as outlined in Section 4.<br /> 6.1.    Identification of Options<br /> List the options that were identified for analysis.  Generally if a detailed analysis of options is required, then fewer significant options are preferable to many.  Some options that may need to be considered are:<br /> Option 1- Do nothing<br /> Option 2 – An option that would achieve the same result as the preferred option<br /> Option 3 – The preferred option<br /> 6.1.1.    Option 1 – <Description><br /> For each option, the following information should be provided:<br /> •        Benefits / dis-benefits;<br /> •        Costs;<br /> •        Risks;<br /> •        Stakeholder impact;<br /> •        Issues; and<br /> •        Other evaluation or filter criteria, if appropriate.<br /> Note: For many initiatives the benefits/dis-benefits are not directly quantifiable or financial, for example improvements in service delivery or achievement of Government policy objectives. A possible way of assessing these is included in Appendix A.  This requires all major stakeholders to be identified. An optional risk analysis worksheet is included in Appendix B.<br /> Costs should include the cost for producing all of the outputs (deliverables), project management costs, risk management costs and quality management costs. These include direct, indirect and recurrent costs to provide a full picture of the associated costs for each option.<br /> 6.1.2.    Option 2 – <Description><br /> Repeat the process as per Option 1.<br /> 6.1.3.    Option 3 – <Description><br /> Repeat the process as per Options 1 and 2.<br /> 6.2.    Comparison of Options<br /> Compare the options by summarising the benefits, dis-benefits, costs, risks and issues.  The following table is an example.<br /> Criteria    Option 1    Option 2    Option 3<br /> Benefits:<br /> •    Stakeholder A<br /> •    Stakeholder B    $ or rating<br /> Dis-Benefits:<br /> •    Stakeholder A<br /> •    Stakeholder B<br /> Costs:<br /> •    direct<br /> •    indirect<br /> •    recurrent<br /> Risks:<br /> •    initial<br /> •    minimisation/ mitigation costs<br /> •    resulting risk<br /> Stakeholder Impact:<br /> Issues:<br /> 6.3.    Recommended Option<br /> The recommended option from the previous analysis should be identified here.<br /> 7.    Implementation Strategy<br /> Based on the information outlined in Section 6 for the option that was recommended, begin to scope the project that will implement the recommended option and describe how the project will be managed.  The information in the following sub-sections are important, as they will form the basis of a Project Business Plan if the project/initiative proceeds. It defines the scope of the project!!<br /> 7.1.    Project Title<br /> (XYZ) – Abbreviation and Long Title.<br /> 7.2.    Target Outcomes/Benefits<br /> List the target outcomes/benefits, the measures which will be used to measure their success, the dates for achievement and who is accountable. These should be derived from the table in section 6.2.<br /> 7.3.    Outputs<br /> List the project outputs (deliverables). These are new or modified products, services, businesses, or management practices that need to be implemented to meet each identified outcome.  Identify who (project customer) will utilise each output to generate the target benefits.<br /> 7.4.    Work Plan<br /> Outline of project phases, major areas of work and key milestones.<br /> 7.5.    Budget<br /> Summarise the project’s budget and expected expenditure.<br /> 7.6.    Other Resources<br /> List other resourcing requirements, for example human resources, accommodation, IT equipment, information requirements.<br /> 8.    Project Management Framework<br /> 8.1.    Governance<br /> Determine what parties will form the governance structure for the project and identify who may be approached to fulfil each role.<br /> As a minimum you will need in your governance structure a:<br /> o    Project Sponsor; and<br /> o    Project Manager.<br /> You may have one or more of the following parties in your governance structure.<br /> o    Project Team;<br /> o    Reference Groups;<br /> o    Working Groups;<br /> o    Quality Consultants.<br /> 8.2.    Quality Management<br /> Briefly describe the approach to quality management, which may include:<br /> •    methodologies and standards;<br /> •    change, issue, and problem management; and<br /> •    review and acceptance procedures.<br /> 8.3.    Organisational Change Management<br /> Briefly describe the approach to managing organisational change throughout the project.<br /> 8.4.    Post Project Review<br /> Briefly describe the approach to capturing the lessons learnt throughout the project and what review will be done to assess whether the initiative delivered the intended benefits.<br /> 9.    Appendices<br /> Appendices can help the document flow better, especially during the analysis and justification sections (i.e. during the “argument” parts) by extracting information out of the body of the document for reference.  For example, the following may be useful:<br /> •    A detailed cost/benefit/risk analysis for each option (only if required)<br /> •    A risk analysis plan.<br /> Appendix A. Benefit Analysis<br /> For each option assess how each key stakeholder group (or individual stakeholders) may be impacted by the project and how they may impact on the project. This may be positive or negative. Allocate a rating, High = 3, etc and total in the right column.<br /> Option   …<# – Description>…………………..…<br /> Positive Impact        Negative Impact<br /> Major Stakeholder        High<br /> (3)    Medium<br /> (2)    Low<br /> (1)    Nil<br /> (0)    Low<br /> (-1)    Medium<br /> (-2)    High<br /> (-3)    Rating<br /> Customer    Impacted By Project        2                        1<br /> …………<br /> Impact On Project                    -1<br /> Business Owner    Impacted By Project    3                            4<br /> …………<br /> Impact On Project            1<br /> Impacted By Project<br /> …………<br /> Impact On Project<br /> Impacted By Project<br /> …………<br /> Impact On Project<br /> Total                                    5<br /> Summary of Options<br /> For each stakeholder group transfer the total ratings onto this sheet to give a direct comparison between the options.<br /> Stakeholder    Option 1    Option 2    Option 3<br /> …………<br /> …………<br /> …………<br /> …………<br /> …………<br /> Appendix B. Risk Analysis<br /> For each option fill in the worksheet on the next page with the major risks.<br /> Instructions:<br /> 1.    For each risk work out what grade there is associated with it. This is only a quick estimate using the table below to produce an A to E grading. Ignore those risks with a grading of D and E. (see risk management fact sheet for more details)<br /> 2.    For the A and B gradings estimate what minimisation and mitigation strategies should be put in place, their cost and the resultant grading (i.e. the impact of the strategy).<br /> 3.    For each grading allocate a numerical rating, eg A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1.<br /> 4.    Add these together to get a total grading for each risk. The lower the total score the lower the level of risk.<br /> 5.    Add the scores for each risk to get a total for the option. This allows a comparison to be made between options as to the comparative level of risk of each option.<br /> Grade : Combined effect of Likelihood/Seriousness<br /> Seriousness<br /> low    medium    high    EXTREME<br /> Likelihood    low    E    D    C    A<br /> medium    D    C    B    A<br /> high    C    B    A    A<br /> Option ……………………………………………………………..…<br /> Risk Rating<br /> Major Risks    Initial Grading    Strategy    Cost    Resultant Grading    Rating<br /> New system instability causes increased resource requirements    C    N/A    –    C    3<br /> Not able to meet the major user requirements    A    Use a detailed acceptance testing plan and verify each phase    5000    C    3<br /> There are no nett improvements for the users    C    N/A    –    C    3<br /> Customers are inconvienced by the system and thus there is bad publicity    B    Use a newsletter to keep the customers informed    2000    D    2<br /> Total            $7000        11</p> <div class="container col-md-12"> <article class="article"> <h1 class="section-title">Our Service Charter</h1> <ol class="guarantees-list"> <li class="guarantees-list__item"> <div class="col-l"> <i class="guarantees-list__icon i-guarantee"></i> <h3 class="guarantees-list__title">Excellent Quality / <span class="colored-text">100% Plagiarism-Free</span></h3> </div> <div class="guarantees-list__text">We employ a number of measures to ensure top quality essays. 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<option value="7">Linguistics</option> <option value="2">Literature</option> <option value="4">  American Literature</option> <option value="5">  Antique Literature</option> <option value="6">  Asian Literature</option> <option value="3">  English Literature</option> <option value="116">  Shakespeare Studies</option> <option value="54">Management</option> <option value="56">Marketing</option> <option value="51">Mathematics</option> <option value="94">Medicine and Health</option> <option value="99">  Alternative Medicine</option> <option value="97">  Healthcare</option> <option value="101">  Nursing</option> <option value="95">  Nutrition</option> <option value="100">  Pharmacology</option> <option value="96">  Sport</option> <option value="78">Nature</option> <option value="85">  Agricultural Studies</option> <option value="113">  Anthropology</option> <option value="86">  Astronomy</option> <option value="83">  Environmental Issues</option> <option value="79">  Geography</option> <option value="80">  Geology</option> <option value="28">Philosophy</option> <option value="110">Physics</option> <option value="29">Political Science</option> <option value="21">Psychology</option> <option value="108">Religion and Theology</option> <option value="22">Sociology</option> <option value="65">Technology</option> <option value="71">  Aeronautics</option> <option value="70">  Aviation</option> <option value="72">  Computer Science</option> <option value="73">  Internet</option> <option value="75">  IT Management</option> <option value="77">  Web Design</option> <option value="114">Tourism</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Type: </td> <td> <select name="doctype_x" id="doctype_x" class="required" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();" style="width: 150px;"> <option selected="selected" value="">Please Select...</option> <option value="1">Essay</option> <option value="2">Term Paper</option> <option value="3">Research Paper</option> <option value="4">Coursework</option> <option value="5">Book Report</option> <option value="6">Book Review</option> <option value="7">Movie Review</option> <option value="8">Dissertation</option> <option value="9">Thesis</option> <option value="10">Thesis Proposal</option> <option value="11">Research Proposal</option> <option value="12">Dissertation Chapter - Abstract</option> <option value="13">Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter</option> <option value="14">Dissertation Chapter - Literature Review</option> <option value="15">Dissertation Chapter - Methodology</option> <option value="16">Dissertation Chapter - Results</option> <option value="17">Dissertation Chapter - Discussion</option> <option value="18">Dissertation Services - Editing</option> <option value="19">Dissertation Services - Proofreading</option> <option value="20">Formatting</option> <option value="21">Admission Services - Admission Essay</option> <option value="22">Admission Services - Scholarship Essay</option> <option value="23">Admission Services - Personal Statement</option> <option value="24">Admission Services - Editing</option> <option value="25">Editing</option> <option value="26">Proofreading</option> <option value="27">Case Study</option> <option value="28">Lab Report</option> <option value="29">Speech Presentation</option> <option value="30">Math Problem</option> <option value="31">Article</option> <option value="32">Article Critique</option> <option value="33">Annotated Bibliography</option> <option value="34">Reaction Paper</option> <option value="35">PowerPoint Presentation</option> <option value="36">Statistics Project</option> <option value="37">Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed)</option> <option value="38">Other (Not listed)</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Pages/Words: </td> <td> <select title="Number of pages" class="required" name="numpages" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();" style="width: 150px;"> <option value="" selected=""></option> <option value="1">1 page/approx 275 words</option> <option value="2">2 pages/approx 550 words</option> <option value="3">3 pages/approx 825 words</option> <option value="4">4 pages/approx 1100 words</option> <option value="5">5 pages/approx 1375 words</option> <option value="6">6 pages/approx 1650 words</option> <option value="7">7 pages/approx 1925 words</option> <option value="8">8 pages/approx 2200 words</option> <option value="9">9 pages/approx 2475 words</option> <option value="10">10 pages/approx 2750 words</option> <option value="11">11 pages/approx 3025 words</option> <option value="12">12 pages/approx 3300 words</option> <option value="13">13 pages/approx 3575 words</option> <option value="14">14 pages/approx 3850 words</option> <option value="15">15 pages/approx 4125 words</option> <option value="16">16 pages/approx 4400 words</option> <option value="17">17 pages/approx 4675 words</option> <option value="18">18 pages/approx 4950 words</option> <option value="19">19 pages/approx 5225 words</option> <option value="20">20 pages/approx 5500 words</option> <option value="21">21 pages/approx 5775 words</option> <option value="22">22 pages/approx 6050 words</option> <option value="23">23 pages/approx 6325 words</option> <option value="24">24 pages/approx 6600 words</option> <option value="25">25 pages/approx 6875 words</option> <option value="26">26 pages/approx 7150 words</option> <option value="27">27 pages/approx 7425 words</option> <option value="28">28 pages/approx 7700 words</option> <option value="29">29 pages/approx 7975 words</option> <option value="30">30 pages/approx 8250 words</option> <option value="31">31 pages/approx 8525 words</option> <option value="32">32 pages/approx 8800 words</option> <option value="33">33 pages/approx 9075 words</option> <option value="34">34 pages/approx 9350 words</option> <option value="35">35 pages/approx 9625 words</option> <option value="36">36 pages/approx 9900 words</option> <option value="37">37 pages/approx 10175 words</option> <option value="38">38 pages/approx 10450 words</option> <option value="39">39 pages/approx 10725 words</option> <option value="40">40 pages/approx 11000 words</option> <option value="41">41 pages/approx 11275 words</option> <option value="42">42 pages/approx 11550 words</option> <option value="43">43 pages/approx 11825 words</option> <option value="44">44 pages/approx 12100 words</option> <option value="45">45 pages/approx 12375 words</option> <option value="46">46 pages/approx 12650 words</option> <option value="47">47 pages/approx 12925 words</option> <option value="48">48 pages/approx 13200 words</option> <option value="49">49 pages/approx 13475 words</option> <option value="50">50 pages/approx 13750 words</option> <option value="51">51 pages/approx 14025 words</option> <option value="52">52 pages/approx 14300 words</option> <option value="53">53 pages/approx 14575 words</option> <option value="54">54 pages/approx 14850 words</option> <option value="55">55 pages/approx 15125 words</option> <option value="56">56 pages/approx 15400 words</option> <option value="57">57 pages/approx 15675 words</option> <option value="58">58 pages/approx 15950 words</option> <option value="59">59 pages/approx 16225 words</option> <option value="60">60 pages/approx 16500 words</option> <option value="61">61 pages/approx 16775 words</option> <option value="62">62 pages/approx 17050 words</option> <option value="63">63 pages/approx 17325 words</option> <option value="64">64 pages/approx 17600 words</option> <option value="65">65 pages/approx 17875 words</option> <option value="66">66 pages/approx 18150 words</option> <option value="67">67 pages/approx 18425 words</option> <option value="68">68 pages/approx 18700 words</option> <option value="69">69 pages/approx 18975 words</option> <option value="70">70 pages/approx 19250 words</option> <option value="71">71 pages/approx 19525 words</option> <option value="72">72 pages/approx 19800 words</option> <option value="73">73 pages/approx 20075 words</option> <option value="74">74 pages/approx 20350 words</option> <option value="75">75 pages/approx 20625 words</option> <option value="76">76 pages/approx 20900 words</option> <option value="77">77 pages/approx 21175 words</option> <option value="78">78 pages/approx 21450 words</option> <option value="79">79 pages/approx 21725 words</option> <option value="80">80 pages/approx 22000 words</option> <option value="81">81 pages/approx 22275 words</option> <option value="82">82 pages/approx 22550 words</option> <option value="83">83 pages/approx 22825 words</option> <option value="84">84 pages/approx 23100 words</option> <option value="85">85 pages/approx 23375 words</option> <option value="86">86 pages/approx 23650 words</option> <option value="87">87 pages/approx 23925 words</option> <option value="88">88 pages/approx 24200 words</option> <option value="89">89 pages/approx 24475 words</option> <option value="90">90 pages/approx 24750 words</option> <option value="91">91 pages/approx 25025 words</option> <option value="92">92 pages/approx 25300 words</option> <option value="93">93 pages/approx 25575 words</option> <option value="94">94 pages/approx 25850 words</option> <option value="95">95 pages/approx 26125 words</option> <option value="96">96 pages/approx 26400 words</option> <option value="97">97 pages/approx 26675 words</option> <option value="98">98 pages/approx 26950 words</option> <option value="99">99 pages/approx 27225 words</option> <option value="100">100 pages/approx 27500 words</option> <option value="101">101 pages/approx 27775 words</option> <option value="102">102 pages/approx 28050 words</option> <option value="103">103 pages/approx 28325 words</option> <option value="104">104 pages/approx 28600 words</option> <option value="105">105 pages/approx 28875 words</option> <option value="106">106 pages/approx 29150 words</option> <option value="107">107 pages/approx 29425 words</option> <option value="108">108 pages/approx 29700 words</option> <option value="109">109 pages/approx 29975 words</option> <option value="110">110 pages/approx 30250 words</option> <option value="111">111 pages/approx 30525 words</option> <option value="112">112 pages/approx 30800 words</option> <option value="113">113 pages/approx 31075 words</option> <option value="114">114 pages/approx 31350 words</option> <option value="115">115 pages/approx 31625 words</option> <option value="116">116 pages/approx 31900 words</option> <option value="117">117 pages/approx 32175 words</option> <option value="118">118 pages/approx 32450 words</option> <option value="119">119 pages/approx 32725 words</option> <option value="120">120 pages/approx 33000 words</option> <option value="121">121 pages/approx 33275 words</option> <option value="122">122 pages/approx 33550 words</option> <option value="123">123 pages/approx 33825 words</option> <option value="124">124 pages/approx 34100 words</option> <option value="125">125 pages/approx 34375 words</option> <option value="126">126 pages/approx 34650 words</option> <option value="127">127 pages/approx 34925 words</option> <option value="128">128 pages/approx 35200 words</option> <option value="129">129 pages/approx 35475 words</option> <option value="130">130 pages/approx 35750 words</option> <option value="131">131 pages/approx 36025 words</option> <option value="132">132 pages/approx 36300 words</option> <option value="133">133 pages/approx 36575 words</option> <option value="134">134 pages/approx 36850 words</option> <option value="135">135 pages/approx 37125 words</option> <option value="136">136 pages/approx 37400 words</option> <option value="137">137 pages/approx 37675 words</option> <option value="138">138 pages/approx 37950 words</option> <option value="139">139 pages/approx 38225 words</option> <option value="140">140 pages/approx 38500 words</option> <option value="141">141 pages/approx 38775 words</option> <option value="142">142 pages/approx 39050 words</option> <option value="143">143 pages/approx 39325 words</option> <option value="144">144 pages/approx 39600 words</option> <option value="145">145 pages/approx 39875 words</option> <option value="146">146 pages/approx 40150 words</option> <option value="147">147 pages/approx 40425 words</option> <option value="148">148 pages/approx 40700 words</option> <option value="149">149 pages/approx 40975 words</option> <option value="150">150 pages/approx 41250 words</option> <option value="151">151 pages/approx 41525 words</option> <option value="152">152 pages/approx 41800 words</option> <option value="153">153 pages/approx 42075 words</option> <option value="154">154 pages/approx 42350 words</option> <option value="155">155 pages/approx 42625 words</option> <option value="156">156 pages/approx 42900 words</option> <option value="157">157 pages/approx 43175 words</option> <option value="158">158 pages/approx 43450 words</option> <option value="159">159 pages/approx 43725 words</option> <option value="160">160 pages/approx 44000 words</option> <option value="161">161 pages/approx 44275 words</option> <option value="162">162 pages/approx 44550 words</option> <option value="163">163 pages/approx 44825 words</option> <option value="164">164 pages/approx 45100 words</option> <option value="165">165 pages/approx 45375 words</option> <option value="166">166 pages/approx 45650 words</option> <option value="167">167 pages/approx 45925 words</option> <option value="168">168 pages/approx 46200 words</option> <option value="169">169 pages/approx 46475 words</option> <option value="170">170 pages/approx 46750 words</option> <option value="171">171 pages/approx 47025 words</option> <option value="172">172 pages/approx 47300 words</option> <option value="173">173 pages/approx 47575 words</option> <option value="174">174 pages/approx 47850 words</option> <option value="175">175 pages/approx 48125 words</option> <option value="176">176 pages/approx 48400 words</option> <option value="177">177 pages/approx 48675 words</option> <option value="178">178 pages/approx 48950 words</option> <option value="179">179 pages/approx 49225 words</option> <option value="180">180 pages/approx 49500 words</option> <option value="181">181 pages/approx 49775 words</option> <option value="182">182 pages/approx 50050 words</option> <option value="183">183 pages/approx 50325 words</option> <option value="184">184 pages/approx 50600 words</option> <option value="185">185 pages/approx 50875 words</option> <option value="186">186 pages/approx 51150 words</option> <option value="187">187 pages/approx 51425 words</option> <option value="188">188 pages/approx 51700 words</option> <option value="189">189 pages/approx 51975 words</option> <option value="190">190 pages/approx 52250 words</option> <option value="191">191 pages/approx 52525 words</option> <option value="192">192 pages/approx 52800 words</option> <option value="193">193 pages/approx 53075 words</option> <option value="194">194 pages/approx 53350 words</option> <option value="195">195 pages/approx 53625 words</option> <option value="196">196 pages/approx 53900 words</option> <option value="197">197 pages/approx 54175 words</option> <option value="198">198 pages/approx 54450 words</option> <option value="199">199 pages/approx 54725 words</option> <option value="200">200 pages/approx 55000 words</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input name="o_interval" id="o_interval" value="1" onclick="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();" type="checkbox"> </td> <td> Single spaced </td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td> <div id="num_pg_ord" style="width:auto; float:left; font-size:12px; display:inline;">approx 275 words per page</div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Urgency <i>(Less urgent, less costly)</i>: </td> <td> <select title="Paper urgency" class="required" name="urgency" id="urgency" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();"> <option selected="selected" value="">Please Select...</option> <option value="16">6 hours</option> <option value="6">12 hours</option> <option value="7">24 hours</option> <option value="8">48 hours</option> <option value="9">3 days</option> <option value="10">4 days</option> <option selected="selected" value="11">5 days</option> <option value="12">7 days</option> <option value="13">10 days</option> <option value="14">20 days</option> <option value="15">30 days</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Level: </td> <td> <select title="Academic level" class="required" name="academic_level" id="academic_level" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();"> <option value="">Choose</option> <option value="1">High School</option> <option selected="selected" value="2">Undergraduate</option> <option value="3">Master</option> <option value="4">Ph. D.</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Currency: </td> <td> <select name="curr" id="curr" class="required" size="1" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();"> <option value="1">USD</option> <option value="2">GBP</option> <option value="3">CAD</option> <option value="4">AUD</option> <option value="5">EUR</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Total Cost: </td> <td> <input id="cost_per_page" type="hidden"> <span id="total" class="readonlyinput">NaN</span> </td> </tr> </tbody></table> <input name="discount_percent_h" id="discount_percent_h" class="discount_percent_h" value="" type="hidden"> <input name="MTIuOTUYGREXGHNMKJGT23467GGFDSSSbbbbbIOK" value="TmFO" type="hidden"> <input name="MMNBGFREWQASCXZSOPJHGVNMTIuOTU" class="MMNBGFREWQASCXZSOPJHGVNMTIuOTU" value="TmFO" type="hidden"> <input name="lblCustomerSavings" value="" type="hidden"> <div style="display: none; font-weight: bold; color: green; line-height:25px; font-size:18px;" id="lblCustomerSavings"></div> <div style="display: block;" id="lblCustomerSavingstext"></div> <p class=" text-center">Get 10% Off on your 1st order!</p> <div class=" text-center"><input class="order_submit " value="Proceed to Order" type="submit"></div> </form></div> </div></div> </div> <!-- row div end here --> </div><!-- container div end here --> <!-- enigma Callout Section --> <!-- Footer Widget Secton --> <div class="enigma_footer_widget_area"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6 enigma_footer_widget_column"><div class="enigma_footer_widget_title">100% Plagiarism Free Guarantee<div class="enigma-footer-separator"></div></div> <div class="textwidget">We provide hand written, well researched original papers, and run them through best in class plagiarism detectors to ensure that you receive 100% original work.</div> </div><div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6 enigma_footer_widget_column"><div class="enigma_footer_widget_title">24/7 Support<div class="enigma-footer-separator"></div></div> <div class="textwidget">We are available to take orders and answer an queries round the clock. We are awake when you are. Our superior custom writing service knows no timezone!</div> </div><div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6 enigma_footer_widget_column"><div class="enigma_footer_widget_title">Deadlines<div class="enigma-footer-separator"></div></div> <div class="textwidget">We are crazy about deadlines. We want to hit them all the time. And we do! You don't need to worry about when your paper is due, we handle deadlines as thin as 3 hours and as broad as 3 months.</div> </div><div class="col-md-3 col-sm-6 enigma_footer_widget_column"><div class="enigma_footer_widget_title">Confidentiality<div class="enigma-footer-separator"></div></div> <div class="textwidget">A custom paper made for you is strictly yours. We ensure that your persona is protected, together with all the details pertaining to your custom essay paper. 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