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Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;-

Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;-
You are required to complete the following task and submit your assignment in the format provided below
Job analysis identifies the duties and human requirements for each of the company’s jobs.
(Dessler & Varkkey)
Critically analyze and explain the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment methods (recruiting from within the company) and external recruitment methods (hiring externally).
Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:
•    Individual assessment contribution (an individual set of supporting documentation from each student equivalent to 2000 words absolute maximum); Assessment Weighting 100%
Please ensure that your assignment incorporates:
•    Abstract     (5 Marks 200 Words)
•    A table of contents
•    A list of figures and/ or list of tables and  / or list of abbreviations where appropriate
•    Introduction (10 Marks 300 words)
•    Literature Review  & Critical Analysis (60 Marks 1200 words)
•    Conclusions/Recommendations (15 Marks 300 words)
•    References / Presentation (10 Marks)
•    Bibliography
•    Appendices if appropriate
Description of Assessment Requirements
The Assignment should be based on the following outline:
1.    Abstract: A statement of what you were asked to review and the key aspect of what you would recommend  (5 Marks and 200 words)
2.    Introduction: A clear and concise introduction chapter which covers the background, scope and the purpose of the assignment.
(10 Marks and 300 words)
3.    Main Body:(60 marks and 1200 words)
The assignment should contain a brief literature review on Human Resource Planning and Recruitment of employees; and also should critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment methods (recruiting from within the company) and external recruitment methods (hiring externally).
4.    Conclusions/Recommendations:  What did you find, these should be related specifically to your objectives (15 marks and 300 words)
A further 10 Marks are awarded for Structural Construction and Referencing demonstrations.
Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-
•    Understand the impact of personnel, structural and cultural strategies on organisational performance
•    Utilise Internet Technology to conduct research on Human Resource topics
•    Critically review scholarly articles and material
Description of Assessment Requirements
•    All assignments must be word processed – handwritten assignments will attract an automatic FAIL grade.
•    Assignments will be graded on the basis of research done, analysis of the facts collated, stand taken and the justification of the stand.
•    All research must be referenced using the Harvard Style of Referencing and a Reference and Bibliography list attached. Improper or lack of either of these constitutes plagiarism and students will be awarded a Zero.
•    Students found copying from other students will also be charged with collusion and awarded a Zero.
Notes on Plagiarism & Harvard Referencing
Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. This constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter which is penalized in assignment marking.
Plagiarism is the submission of an item of assessment containing elements of work produced by another person(s) in such a way that it could be assumed to be the student’s own work. Examples of plagiarism are:
•        The verbatim copying of another person’s work without acknowledgement
•        The close paraphrasing of another person’s work by simply changing a few  words or altering the order of presentation without acknowledgement
•        The unacknowledged quotation of phrases from another person’s work and/or the presentation of another person’s idea(s) as one’s own.
Copying or close paraphrasing with occasional acknowledgement of the source may also be deemed to be plagiarism is the absence of quotation marks implies that the phraseology is the student’s own.
Plagiarised work may belong to another student or be from a published source such as a book, report, journal or material available on the internet.
Harvard Referencing
The structure of a citation under the Harvard referencing system is the author’s surname, year of publication, and page number or range, in parentheses, as illustrated in the Smith example near the top of this article.
•        The page number or page range is omitted if the entire work is cited. The author’s surname is omitted if it appears in the text. Thus we may say: “Jones (2001) revolutionized the field of trauma surgery.”
•        Two or three authors are cited using “and” or “&”: (Deane, Smith, and Jones, 1991) or (Deane, Smith & Jones, 1991). More than three authors are cited using et al. (Deane et al. 1992).
•        An unknown date is cited as no date (Deane n.d.). A reference to a reprint is cited with the original publication date in square brackets (Marx [1867] 1967, p. 90).
•        If an author published two books in 2005, the year of the first (in the alphabetic order of the references) is cited and referenced as 2005a, the second as 2005b.
•        A citation is placed wherever appropriate in or after the sentence. If it is at the end of a sentence, it is placed before the period, but a citation for an entire block quote immediately follows the period at the end of the block since the citation is not an actual part of the quotation itself.
•        Complete citations are provided in alphabetical order in a section following the text, usually designated as “Works cited” or “References”. The difference between a “works cited” or “references” list and a bibliography is that a bibliography may include works not directly cited in the text.
•        All citations are in the same font as the main text.
Examples of book references are:
•        Smith, J. (2005a). Dutch Citing Practices. The Hague: Holland Research Foundation.
•        Smith, J. (2005b). Harvard Referencing. London: Jolly Good Publishing.
In giving the city of publication, an internationally well-known city (such as London, The Hague, or New York) is referenced as the city alone. If the city is not internationally well known, the country (or state and country if in the U.S.) are given.
Examples of journal references are:
•        Smith, John Maynard. “The origin of altruism,” Nature 393, 1998, pp. 639-40.
•        Bowcott, Owen. “Street Protest”, The Guardian,October 18, 2005, accessed February 7, 2006.
ID – L0889DADA0211
•    2000 words max
•    Add cover page
•    ADD Table of contents
•    A list of figures and/orlist of tables and/ or list of abbreviations where appropriate
•    ADD more Introduction / 300 words max
•    Conclusions and recommendations /300 words max
•    References and presentation
•    Bibliography
•    Appendices if appropriate
The purpose of this assignment is to examine how important is Job analysis in an organization and deeply emphasise the advantages and disadvantages that occur when recruiting internally or externally.
The research drawn attention to the fact that there are many ways of recruiting and selecting people. However, choosing an appropriate methods which can be different from one company to the other is extremely important.
Therefore, in this assignment analysis will be carried out in order to identify these pros and cons as managers will be facing challenging decision when selecting people, whereas, through themselves or choosing an agency to recruit on behalf of the company.
HR (Human Resources) department managers must decide precisely what best suits the company as it can seriously affect the people in the organization.
In addition, recruiting process requires certain skills and abilities as chosen the wrong person possibly cause serious damage to the organisation.
It can seeing that the people is the most important assets in an organisation. It is clear that there is no organization without people.
Great companies with a leading structure certainly have a Human Resource department working closely to their people, making sure they are treated fairly and specially satisfied with their job.
AAD – Introduction
In this report two kinds of ways of recruiting will be presented, an analysis about the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruiting methods has been performed. In the first, it has been observed that internal recruitment might be the best option when hiring an employee these facts will be analysed and expressed in more detail.
LITERATURE REVIEW and critical analysis / 1200 max
Human Resource Planning
The concept of human resource planning is the first step relating to recruiting .There are  requirements which must be identified and stablished in the HRM departments which applies either for  small business as well as larger companies.
Furthermore, the main purpose of human resource planning is to help the organization to identify the competencies needs to fulfil their main goals and objectives.
Thus, developing people skills by training them in order to acquire the appropriate people. With an effective human resource planning companies estimate future needs for people optimizing time outsourcing them, also develop a future vision among the people ensuring a long term thinking gathering corporate control.
Attracting Candidates
Identifying and evaluate potential candidates is a difficult task. Nevertheless, attract the right applicants requires that the company needs to deliver a good reputation and cover key points that certainly repel candidates as an examples:
•    Pay, employee benefits and working conditions
•    Relevant training hence career prospects
•    Offer a good location , product and service
It is important to assure all the information about the company and the tasks that the applicant will need to be able to accomplish is stated in a job description booklet. It must contain the terms and conditions highlighting the main purposes of the job and the candidate responsibilities.
An effective selection is very important from HRM perspective, hence a positive impact to the productivity and profitability of the company.  There are a variety of methods that can be useful to ensure of selecting the right people .In order to identify the right candidate it’s relevant to prepare a prior interview which candidate might be assessed and tested .Nevertheless, it is useful so the appropriate candidate can show their capacities and abilities.
Internal recruitment
Many organisations adopt the ease approach of hiring and promoting from within the organisation. It is considered to be the best source of candidates. It motivate the current employees as it will give them the chance to grow in their career plus it is also beneficial for the organization.
In addition, when it comes to recruit and select the right people to join the workforce many companies strategically recruitment exercise is based on school leavers. This can be beneficial considering that training is usually made by the company requirements.
In order to find the internal candidate in an effective manner it is important to promote the open job to current employees making them aware of the positions available. There are several ways of promoting a job vacancy, for example by posting board and intranet as well as on the company website.
Furthermore it’s relevant to tell existing employees of the current vacancies and ask them to indicate a potential candidate that their might know from outside the organisation.
Overemphasizing the importance of an effective selection among current employees is important in order to fill the gap with the right person who has relevant qualification and skills required.
If the company cannot find the candidate internally, going back to previous employees is a good option as people usually retain experience. This is likely to be financially beneficial when considering time and cost of training new employees.
However, it is necessary to make an inquest and find out the reasons they want to come back to the organisation making sure that the person will have commitment and stay for longer period.
Advantages of Internal recruitment
There are many reasons for filling open positions with internal candidates. First, existing employees tend to have a commitment with the company and also knowing their abilities ‘’Weaknesses and strengths ‘’ is a favour to the company. Inside candidates should require less training and basics orientation.
Secondly, hiring from within cost much less than outside as agencies has several ways of charging for its services, sometimes a good employee can cost a fortune.
Current employees see promotions as a rewards, so they fell motivated and certainly with a better position in the organization the person will be happier and committed to deliver its best at the work place.
The company can easily identify potential applicants gathering accurate information about employee’s qualifications and retain existing experiences.
To end, it can be an easier process as well as tend to be less hassle with basic inductions as inside candidates already know the company policies and principle methods of operation.
Disadvantages of internal recruitment
In contrast, there are a few points in hiring internally which can be negative in the future prospect of the organizations.
Innovation is very important in order to gain advantages among competitors. Therefore it is important to rotate people within the organization as they can bring novelty.
In some cases current employees is very demotivated, so the company must identify an appropriate action, deciding if its better let them go or maybe give them an opportunity offering a better position in the organization. On the other hand, the company can be wasting time with demotivated staff and lose the opportunity of hiring new people with a high desire of achievements.
Opposing to, current employees might be jealous for not gaining any promotions as a result they tend to be less proactive and demotivated. Besides, create an atmosphere of competition between employees hence conflict.
In general, workers tend to be fruitless when they fell pressure and conflicted at the work environment.
To conclude, once a current employee step up to a higher position there will be a vacancy to be filled, so the company still have to hire someone to cover this gap which means a hiring process will be continuing. Therefore, might be worthwhile hiring externally to avoid this complication. Unless, the current employee has a full potential of being the right candidate without searching outside.
Even though, external recruitment might cost more comparing with recruiting internally it does have some substantial advantages. However it can be controversial opposing to the fact that hiring internally can develop people and critically retain skills and training mainly provided by the organization.
Usually the research is made through local or regional labor market but it can go to a wider selection depends on numbers and skills required for each company.
It knowing that innovation and creativity is a key in a successful business, so it is important to always have a fresh ideas which new people can bring in to the organization.
Furthermore, outsourcing might be quicker and easier to fill the current position once external recruitment strategy to search and select a wider amount of potential candidates.
In addition recruiting through agencies for senior positions is considering cost effective as they are capable to select and identify the desire applicant. Nevertheless, there are a advantages when it comes to time effectiveness as covering a vacancies sometimes is a urgent matter to  avoid losing business due shortage of staffs.
Moreover, a larger amount of applicants with relevant experiences will be available, so the company will have access to the best possible employee. As a result it will certainly reflect in the business proactivity.
It is relevant to emphasize that external recruitment might face some problems, for example, the lack of skills or experience from applicant.
Another very common issue is the fact that people usually desire more pay than it actually worth accordingly with their qualifications.
Sometimes, there are shortage of interested people for the open position, as a result the selection might take longer than expected or either force the company to hire the wrong candidate.
Now a days is common to get potential applicants who live abroad, in this case work visa should be a problem. Furthermore, relocation can be extremely expensive making the process even more difficult.
External recruitment is considering to be an expensive way of hiring. The reason for this maybe simply because advertising and promoting the position as well as interviewing applicants is an expensive process.
Considering the high costs of outsourcing employees cannot be doubtful. It is extremely important to hire the best profile in other to take the business forward.
Conclusion Recommendations / 300 FOR BOTH

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