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Enterprise Resource Management

Enterprise Resource Management
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Use the Excel to solve all eight problems list on the final page.SHOW ALL THE PROCESS AND CALCULATES IN ORDER TO GET THE CREDIT.
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MGMT 4640 Case Study
Spring 2013
(Rev B)
1 I P a g e
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MGMT 4640 Case Study
Spring 2013
(Rev B)
Maxi-TV is one of the last flat panel TV manufacturers based in America. They currently
produce two large flat screen LCD (liquid crystal display) television models, the Deluxe model
(Top Assembly Part Number 1000, abbreviated as T/A PN 1000) and the Standard model (Top
Assembly Part Number 1001). The Deluxe model and the Standard model share the same
chassis and many common components.
The Deluxe model has special software that enhances the picture quality, a DVD player (PN
3005) integrated into the side of the TV, and a brighter backlight (PN 2200) for a brighter
picture. The Standard model is similar to the Deluxe model, but without the DVD player. It
uses the same backlight technology with fewer CCFL light tubes (PN 3400). It also does not
have multiple inputs for other video devices and computers, so the Switch Module and
Switching Module (PN 3310 and PN 3004) are not required. Basically, the Standard model is the
Deluxe model with components removed.
A front view of the Deluxe model (PN 1000) appears on the next page, Page 3. A rear view of
the product also appears on the next page, but with the back case removed –thus revealing the
internal components, which are labeled in the picture. The assemblies and components
correspond to the BOM trees on Page 4.
Based on the BOM trees and the data presented in Parts 1 through 4 on Pages 5 through 7,
develop the MDS, RCCP, MRP, and CRP per the instructions. Answer the questions on the last
page based on your results. Include hard copy printouts of your spreadsheets per the
instructions when submitting your case report.
Work in teams with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 students per team. Each team will
submit ONE report collectively. The name of each team member must appear on the front
page with names spelled as they appear on Black Board.
Grading Criteria:
Presentation (professionalism, appearance, spelling, grammar, completeness)
Correct approach and numeric results
Proper assessment of results and overall quality of final answers
Demonstrated effort
Good Luck!
Case is DUE on the day of the final.
MAXI-TV, Deluxe Model
(Front view of Deluxe model from Finished Goods Inventory.)
(Rear view of Deluxe model with rear panel of housing case removed.)
Given the aggregate forecast and the booked sales orders, develop the consumed forecast and
the MDS using the appropriate Excel model. Include a printout of all relevant worksheets when
submitting your results. (Note: Round all results to the nearest whole number.) Highlight the
results with Yellow (Black text in a Yellow cell using a color printer OR mark manually using a
The aggregate 2013 forecast:
Sales and Marketing reviewed your results in Part 1 and realized that a significant number of
pending orders were not entered into the system since the person at the Order Entry desk was
on an extended vacation when you ran Part 1. The revised MDS for July 2013 appears below. .
Based on the updated MDS and the capacity information given below, run a Rough Cut Capacity
analysis for July using the appropriate model. Highlight the capacity utilization results with
Yellow (Black text in a Yellow cell using a color printer OR mark manually using a highlighter).
Master Demand Schedule (MDS)
Work days per week
Work hours per day
Department A — Final Assembly
Labor resource available (Maxi-lab)
Machine resource available (Maxi-mch)
Resources required for P/N 1000
Labor resource (Maxi-lab), hr
Machine resource (Maxi-mch), hr
Resources required for P/N 1001
Labor resource (Maxi-lab), hr
Machine resource (Maxi-mch), hr
Based on the revised MDS above and the information below, determine the NET requirements
by running an MRP model. Note: The “Amount on Hand” (or On-Hand-Inventory) shall include
the safety stock and represents inventory at the beginning of the period. Highlight the net
requirement results with Yellow (Black text in a Yellow cell using a color printer OR mark
manually using a highlighter).
Top Assembly, Deluxe HD TV
Top Assembly, Standard HD TV
Assembly, Deluxe, Input-Tuner-OnScreenDisplay
Assembly, Deluxe, Backlight
Assembly, Standard, Input-Tuner-OnScreenDisplay
Assembly, Standard, Backlight
Power Supply Module
Switch Module
DVD Module
Printed Circuit Board ASSY, ITO
Switching Module
Tuner Module
Inverter Module, Backlight
CCFL Backlight
Frame, Chasis, Metal, Universal
Case, Plastic, Universal
Reflector, Backlight, Universal
Based on the results of your MRP, determine the capacity requirements (CRP) for Department A
only based on the table below. Highlight the net requirement results with Yellow (Black text in
a Yellow cell using a color printer OR mark manually using a highlighter).
Department A — Final Assembly
Labor resource available (Maxi-lab)
Machine resource available (Maxi-mch)
Resources required for P/N 1000
Labor resource (Maxi-lab), hr
Machine resource (Maxi-mch), hr
Resources required for P/N 1001
Labor resource (Maxi-lab), hr
Machine resource (Maxi-mch), hr
Department B — System Assembly
Labor resource available (01 ASSY-lab)
Machine resource available (01 ASSY-mch)
Resources required for P/N 2000
Labor resource (01 ASSY-lab), hr
Machine resource (01 ASSY-mch), hr
Resources required for P/N 2010
Labor resource (01 ASSY-lab), hr
Machine resource (01 ASSY-mch), hr
Resources required for P/N 2200
Labor resource (01 ASSY-lab), hr
Machine resource (01 ASSY-mch), hr
Resources required for P/N 2210
Labor resource (01 ASSY-lab), hr
Machine resource (01 ASSY-mch), hr
Print out hard copies of your results from Parts 1 through 4 to include in your case submission,
and then answer the following questions:
1. Based on the forecast consumption and resulting MDS in PART 1, what can you conclude
about the progress of the sales team? If you were the head of sales, where would you
focus your sale team’s efforts (products and months)?
2. Based your results in PART 2, what is your assessment of the preliminary capacity
situation (RCCP)?
3. Determine what action(s) should be taken (if any) given the situation in PART 2?
4. Review the order policy for Part Number 3400 (backlights) with regards to the results of
your MRP. If the holding cost is $0.50 per unit per week and the order cost is $75 per
order, then what is the total cost (order and holding) of this order policy of Lot Size
1500? Determine if there is any benefit in increasing the order size to a multiple of
5. What is your assessment of the capacity requirements (CRP) based on the results of
your MRP?
6. Compare the CRP in PART 2 to the RCCP in PART 4. Explain the difference in the results.
(Reconcile the numbers!)
7. If you were the operations manager, what actions would you take to optimize the
situation in PART 4?
8. BONUS: Assess the capacity situation of DEPARTMENT B (System Assembly) based on
the results of your MRP and determine what action(s) are needed, if any.

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