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Benghazi Attack

Benghazi Attack
On September 11, 2012, eleven years after Al-Qaeda attacked the twin towers and the Pentagon, a new tragedy would also mark this tragic day in history. Between the huge controversy over the attack that took place and the American lives that were lost, Americans still are left wondering what really happen that night. The poetical cover up of Benghazi a has been talked about years after it occurred and has many people scratching their heads wondering if this was a set up. Between the investigations and many rumors that have swirled around this topic each argument comes to the same ending conclusion. Did the United States really do all we could to help save the Americans involved in the Benghazi attack? Another question would be, if the United States knew about the attack what would the U.S have done different? In the following work investigation into the many different actions that occurred the night of September 11, 2012.
Timeline of the Attack
The tragic event that occurred on September 11, 2012 was the attack on the diplomatic compound located in Benghazi, Libya. This attack was started when Islamic militants that forced their way into the compound with brute force. The mob of Islamic militants started towards the compound at 9:40 p.m. The mob would soon approach the compound. The overwhelming force of the mob would be too much for security placed there to handle. The mob would eventually gain access to the compound. They would soon begin their simple plan of attack which would simply be to kill everyone. During this stage of the attack, security teams and United States officials were separated from one another among the chaos of the attack.
As the attack started among the many people inside the compound were United States Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and State Department information manager Sean Smith. Both were both separated from the security team and were force to fend for their selves during the attack. Smith and Stevens along with one security member quickly took cover in one of the main buildings within the compound to better hide them from contestant gun fire. While taking cover from the attack they would both take refuge behind a metal barred door safe from the mob. This would only last for minutes as the attackers eventually found where they were held up. The attackers knew couldn’t break through the door. As time was wasted the attackers soon would set fire to the door and building all three men were in. As the building began to get hotter, Smith, Stevens, and the security member all began to become overwhelmed with smoke entering the room. The two had no other choice but to leave the room they were in. With nowhere else to go both Stevens and Smith both attempted to escape the smoke filling room out the window. While escaping from the burning building out of the window both Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith were lost in the burning building.
During the event occurring with United States ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and State Department information manager Sean Smith a small six man security agents have gathered at the CIA annex on the compound grounds. As the six man team mounted their defense attack they would go searching for both the other members of their team and also Stevens and Smith. When arriving at the main building where both Stevens and Smith were supposedly held up still. The security team would take action and try to find both Stevens and Smith within the building. The six man security team during the search took heavy gun fire but continued to search for both men. While crawling through a burning building one security agent would eventually find Sean Smith’s body. They were too late to save him. But the search would still continue for Christopher Stevens.
While this attack was occurring A.U.S surveillance drone was circling the compound scanning the attack and relaying it. This information was rushed to President Obama. As this information is relayed to him lives are being lost in the process. Nothing was being done by President Obama during this point in time and lead to many more lives being lost with every second wasted.
A Europe- based GIF was stationed a few hours flight away from the attack. This team was scrambled and was ordered to stand by for further instruction. The United Stated also had an AG-130 gunship in rang to help with the attack. These orders to scramble would be too late as Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta waited upward to two and a half to four hours before giving these orders to be ready to move out. The orders to ground the vital help needed during the attack would cost American lives.
All that stood between the Islamic militants and what they wanted were the annex security team. Kris “Tanto’ Paronto, John “Tig” Tiegen and others took up arms to protect the Americans and others who came under attack on that night of September11, 2012. These men fought not to protect themselves but to protect innocent people. The annex security team with no help and no weapons besides their own risked their lives and should be remembered for what they did because in the end not all were able to tell their heroic story.
Warnings they should’ve heard
The questions one may be asking themselves at this point was, is this attack a set up or did it just happen? According to the American ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, the attack on Benghazi was sparked by a protest over a video about the Prophet Mohamed and related protest in Cairo. Libyan government proclaimed this to be false. The Libyan government said they gave prior warning of the imminent attack on Benghazi. Government officials from Libya expressed that United States diplomats were warned of the violent riots in Cairo earlier. These warnings were not sent hours before but rather three days before the attack on Benghazi occurred. The United States administration reported that they had no knowledge of the threat until 48 hours before the attack happened.
This situation caused a major conflict among the people involved and also many American ideas on the subject of Benghazi, the United States government did not completely believed it. By that I mean United States officials could have heard the warning of the Libyan government but did not fully believe the information was reliable. That is where the United State’s circle of trust comes in and if Libya is in fact in that circle of trust we should have listened to them.
Hillary Clinton’s Attempted Cover Up
Investigations show that Hillary Clinton may have had prior knowledge of the attack. With having knowledge of this attack and the deaths of Americans you would assume Hillary would have done her part and alert President Obama of what was happening. No, Mrs. Clinton did not. In recent news the topic of the Benghazi cover up is quickly followed by the name Hillary Clinton and her secret emails. The rumor of these emails came about while Hillary declared she would run for president. These emails were not all found at once and brought up a very controversial investigation into the secrets behind the attack. Hillary Clinton has been involved in many scandals and has not been a reliable person. With that we must turn to the secret emails of Hillary Clinton.
On October 22, 2015 Hillary Clinton testified in front of a court for the first time. This was the first time Hillary would have to answer for what really happened that night. During the hearing there were many different arguments that occurred along with shocking information that was beginning to be brought up. As officials took turns asking Hillary questions one of the issues that was brought up during the hearing was about the emails. An official named Susan Brooks brought up the issue of the emails. These constant emails were sent back and forth from Hillary to Libyan officials from 2011 until the attack. But what made the emails so important? When comparing the emails sent there was a serious problem. The comparison of emails sent in 2011 and 2012 were a big difference. Emails sent in 2011 were counted up as a number of seven hundred and ninety-five emails sent prior to the attack continually from Hillary to officials in Libya. The emails sent in 2012 decreased drastically with the number of emails being sixty seven emails that showed up on file from officials. Where did the emails go? Why were they deleted and how can we get them back? This sparked a huge question as to what Hillary was really keeping from the public about the attack on Benghazi. During the court hearing Hillary was constantly uneasy and frantic in her responses to the officials. While being questioned by some officials she simply did not take the subject serious.
As the hearing continued and minutes turned to hours tension would start to build in the room. Heated arguments about what happened the night of the attack filled the room and the United States officials rather than questioning Hillary fought among themselves. During the hearing Hillary was asked about the United States providing help to Christopher Stevens. The question that was brought up was if Ambassador Stevens had contacted Hillary during the time before the attack and was it on a privet email or her most used one. The hearing would stretch into an eleven hour event and simply nothing came forward from Hillary. Was this all a set up or did Hillary simply ignore the Ambassador’s emails or Lydia’s warnings?
Telling the World
In the years following the attack on the United States compound many rumors would swirl around the world as to if the story were being told was actually true. Some of the survivors of the attack were a part of the six man security team that risked their lives to help save American lives. Kris “Tanto” Paronto and John “Tig” Tiegen are two of the six annex security team members that have traveled around the country telling people the true story of the attack. They go into great detail telling exactly what happened at specific places within the compound. The two men have appeared on many different popular news stations such as FOX and CNN telling their story to the people of the United States and the world.
This brought about controversy because of the true events being told by the survivers and the stories being told by our government. These stories did not match up and had people questioning how reliable our government actually is. As months continued after the attack Sean Smith’s mother would soon start to appear on popular news stations telling her opinion on what was really happening in Washington and how she truly felt about Hillary Clinton.
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